Relationships matter

Relational Competence


We thrive in healthy relationships. When we grow, we grow together. The very best parents model good relational skills. We bring a certain competence to our relationships. Most of us also have some room for improvement.


What if there were a way to improve your relational competence? Your life would become more joyful, less lonely, and ever so much more fruitful.


The goal of Together Growing is to help you become happier, healthier, and more whole in your relationship with the people who matter to you most.


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Relational Style


Relational competence begins with understanding your relational style.


  • You are an effective manager but too often experience resistance from your staff.
  • You love your spouse but feel stuck.
  • You have “friends,” but loneliness lingers.

You may know someone who is sometimes controlling or someone else who avoids conflict and has a hard time making a decision. Perhaps you know someone who never comes out and says exactly what they mean. Or then again, you may have a friend who feels supportive at times but at other times feels like they are crowding you.


You may recognize your own style of relating here. You can become more agile and responsive in relationship.  You can expand your relational reach and deepen your connection with others.  You can


  • Develop more meaningful friendships.
  • Become a more responsive spouse or parent.
  • Improve your effectiveness at work.


Learn about your relational style — its strength and its weakness. Take the first step to becoming more confident in yourself and more responsive in relationships with others!


Take The  Relational Styles Profile now.