About Us

We Care About Relationships

It begins with relationships.

No one lives in isolation. A successful, prosperous life consists of a series of successful, prosperous relationships.

You Count on People You Trust

Trust grows one encounter at a time. When I feel heard by you, understood by you, and appreciated by you, I come to trust you. When I begin to trust you I open my life to you and together we can begin to flourish. We begin to accomplish great things.

Practicing Relational Competence

Many people — friends who have shared life together — have contributed to the development of the PACT-L Relational Style Profile. We have listened to the insight and wisdom of others ¬†and developed this tool to help anyone committed to improving the quality of their relationships achieve greater satisfaction in friendship, success in their work and fulfillment in their lives.

The bottom line:
  • Everyone has something to contribute.
  • Strong relationships build strong communities.
  • Health and prosperity flourish when people connect.